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Cap'n Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters [userpic]
New icons!
by Cap'n Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters (rooftopconcert)
at February 10th, 2008 (12:38 am)


(4) Andy Warhol
(1) George Harrison
(2) John Lennon
(3) The Monkees
(6) Paul McCartney
(1) Paul McCartney lyrics

(2) Ringo Starr
(7) Sean Lennon
(7) Sean Lennon lyrics

+ Credit me if you use any of my icons
+ Comment and let me know which one(s) you are taking
+ Do not claim my icons as your own.

(Ye olde fake cut to icons)

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An Everywhere Girl [userpic]
This ticks me off
by An Everywhere Girl (elfslut)
at January 16th, 2008 (09:10 pm)

My Music ♪- : Dragana - Never Late

Is there anyone out there in this community?

Have any of you been standing in the check out line lately? The Globe has a rather vile piece on Paulie's recent heart surgery. They have him dying. WTF. The man had an angioplasty. That means they cleared a blockage. He didn't have a heart attack. It's four months later and he's performing. Granted the stress of his life care of Lady Mucca doesn't help matters, but crikey!

I can't take this crap.

My mother has had 4 of these procedures done, after heart attacks and she's still very much alive.

You would think they'd have better things to report on, like Britney turning completely wacko

.Suzie.Squared. [userpic]
Yeah....I amaze myself sometimes
by .Suzie.Squared. (starrstrky)
at September 6th, 2007 (12:39 am)


An Everywhere Girl [userpic]
Paulie News
by An Everywhere Girl (elfslut)
at August 15th, 2007 (08:42 am)

I Am Currently -: @ Work
My Mood ♥-: amused
My Music ♪- : 99.3 The Pickle

Found this on my earthlink news page this morning...

McCartney plans London eye makeover
From World Entertainment News Network
August 15, 2007 7:15 AM EDT
Tourism bosses in Britain are in talks with SIR PAUL McCARTNEY over the former BEATLE's plans to rename the London Eye landmark as part of a publicity campaign surrounding his upcoming DVD anthology.

Marketing bosses behind the DVD launch have reportedly approached the London Eye bosses with a view to rechristening the big wheel attraction on the banks of the River Thames the McCartney Eye.

They also hope to beam the artwork for the cover of the DVD, which features the rocker's eye, onto the landmark in November (07) for the duration of the launch events.

A source tells Britain's The Mirror newspaper, "It's ambitious but his people are determined to make it happen and Sir Paul may even perform a one-off show in one of the pods to make it even more special."

An Everywhere Girl [userpic]
Found this in Oldies Music News
by An Everywhere Girl (elfslut)
at July 11th, 2007 (10:09 pm)

I Am Currently -: @ Home
My Mood ♥-: sleepy
My Music ♪- : Grey Eye Glances - Big Red Boat

Here's a little clue for you all: Paul McCartney won't completely confirm it, but apparently the title of his new album, "Memory Almost Full", is an anagram. Re-arrange the letters and it spells "For My Soulmate LLM"-- the initials of his first wife, Linda Louise McCartney.

Wish it were true...I heard he got the title from a cell phone....still I like the sentimental stuff..


Nichole [userpic]
by Nichole (tumblingdice)
at June 30th, 2007 (02:15 pm)

Hi. I'm new. I love Paul McCartney. I'm 22, married and a full-time student at San Diego State University studying Social Sciences for Teaching.

Cap'n Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters [userpic]
New layout at Flaming Pie!
by Cap'n Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters (rooftopconcert)
at June 18th, 2007 (11:44 pm)

In honor of Paul's 65th birthday (which is almost over), and his new album, Flaming Pie has had an entire makeover, plus updates and the addition of a few new sections, including a Fan Blog which tells the story of my night with Macca at the Highline Ballroom in New York City!!

A little pluggage never hurt anyone. Enjoy the new stuff, guys!

X-posted everywhere! Sorry to spam the f-lists!

An Everywhere Girl [userpic]
Ever Present Past
by An Everywhere Girl (elfslut)
at May 2nd, 2007 (09:46 pm)

I Am Currently -: @ Home
My Mood ♥-: ditzy
My Music ♪- : Nick Lowe - I can be the one you love

Just wondering what everyone thinks of the new single? I love it. It's so wonderful to hear a more bouncy sound again. Chaos was a great record, but it was a bit too moody at times.

Chester [userpic]
by Chester (chester_bnngton)
at May 1st, 2007 (10:48 am)

Why another Beatles community on LJ?:
We started this community because we love the intelligent discussions on johnheartpaul but we wanted there to be a place where we could discuss all the Beatles.

What's a "Beatle Couch?":
We're a bunch of friends just hanging out on a couch talking about the Beatles. And sometimes, we may "put a Beatle on the couch."

What do we talk about here?:
Anything goes, so long as it's related to the Beatles: news, songs, movies, pictures, quotes, fanfic. Obviously, we focus on the Beatles themselves, but we can also discuss wives, girlfriends, roadies, managers, and of course, George Martin.

If you wanna join... go here: </a></b></a>beatles_couch

Community made by: </a></b></a>chester_bnngton and </a></b></a>minds_opaque

X- Posted:

.Suzie.Squared. [userpic]
New Album..
by .Suzie.Squared. (starrstrky)
at April 15th, 2007 (11:29 pm)

Memory Almost Full..
Sounds Rad!

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